Bitgert received a huge boost after revelations that its founder went to college.

The news of the founder of Bitgert attending college has caused the cryptocurrency community to enthusiastic about the project.


Bitgert (BRISE) is, certainly the project in crypto worth watching right now. The project is becoming very well-liked by investors in the crypto market due to the rapid growth of hype. Bitgert gained a significant boost following the revelation that its founder attended the same college.

This move will give a massive boost to the hype surrounding the project and is currently ahead of Safemoon, Babydoge, and several other cryptocurrencies. However, Bitgert has outperformed these cryptocurrency in a variety of ways. Learn more about Bitgert and learn why it has been able to surpass the excitement of its rivals:


The news of that Bitgert CEO going to college brought the crypto community in love with this project more. Indeed, the cryptocurrency community has been seeking this project all over the world. This is why Bitgert is leading Safemoon, Babydoge, and several other large cryptocurrency brands in the Google search results. The information is readily available through Google trends.

But it’s not just the fact that Bitgert’s founder is attending college, which has made it extremely well-known. Its BRISE BRC20 Blockchain is also one of the major reasons Bitgert has taken over Safemoon the hype. Apart from the development of its blockchain, BRISE BRC20 is also the fastest chain , and also has the lowest price for gas. This is one of the reasons it has outperformed numerous cryptocurrency hypes.


It seems that the Centcex project’s hype is increasing, and it’s expanding rapidly. There are numerous indicators that suggest that, following The Bitgert, Centcex might be the next project to keep an eye on. The rapidly growing Centcex price as well as the marketcap indicate that this is the company to be watching in 2022.

There are many reasons behind this excitement and the enormous potential from investing making a bet on this project is among the main reasons. Centcex is one of the few crypto projects creating the biggest utility by constructing an infinite range of products. The advantages of massive utility, such as massive stake rewards are the reason behind the rapid growth of Centcex popularity.


Safemoon has lost its popularity rapidly, which is evident from the plummeting SFM price. Over the past thirty days Safemoon was falling for a long time, while Bitgert is exploding. The news of that Bitgert has launched Bitgert BRC20, the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain as well as the official launch of the chain has seen the project surpass Safemoon.

There’s been nothing more that has been more exciting for Safemoon investors or the wider crypto community more than the BRC20 blockchain. The announcement the fact that Bitgert will launch its exchange soon will cause the BRC20 project to become the new Safemoon excitement. This means there’s more to Bitgert than the simple fact the fact that its founder attended the same college.


There’s nothing that Babydoge hype could be compared to the  BRISE. In reality, there is no other way of beating Bitgert in terms of community size and the quality of the products that Brise has. Brise team is working on at the moment. However, when it comes to providing goods, Babydoge is falling behind.

Bitgert quick delivery of its products and the introduction of its Brise Chain have allowed it to surpass the hype surrounding Babydoge. With the upcoming exchange which will be centralized Bitgert will be ahead of other cryptocurrencies and not just Babydoge.

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