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Top 5 Crypto NFT Games in 2022

Top 5 Crypto NFT Games in 2022

In this article I’d like to introduce to you five projects I believe will yield an income and are built on an established foundation. Top Crypto NFT Games in 2022 Number #5 — Ethermon Numb...

Juried Protocol Galleries

NFT Curation Site Juried Protocol Galleries Going Live soon

Juried Protocol Galleries( JPG ) protocol allows users to create their own NFT museums and galleries, raised $3.8 million

Kamal Haasan Enter NFT Market

Kamal Haasan Set to Launch NFT Collection; Becomes First Indian to Enter NFT Market

As a special present, he has created his own digital avatar, which the actor says will be the first of its kind in India.

BTS enters NFT market

BTS enters NFT market in joint venture with Upbit

South Korean K-pop BTS giants are bracing for the arrival of NFTs to extend their revenue by turning their existing IP into digital assets.