Top Bitcoin Debit Cards of 2022

Bitcoin Debit Cards

             The top Bitcoin debit cards are free of charges and offer perks like cash back rewards , and mobile applications. They must also be compatible with multiple kinds of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Litecoin. Bitcoin debit cards ought to have strong security features that help safeguard your money.

Bitcoin debit cards permit users to make purchases online or in-person or withdraw cash at ATMs using Bitcoin regardless of whether the ATMs or vendors do not accept cryptocurrency. Instead of exchange Bitcoins into local currencies cardholders can load their debit cards with a certain amount of cryptocurrency , which is converted automatically when they make a making a purchase.

  • Runner Up, Best Overall : Coinbase
  • Best Variety of Cryptocurrency Supported:
  • Best for Cardholder Perks :Wirex Visa Card
  • Best Rewards Credit Card : BlockFi
  • Best for crypto loans : Nexo
  • Best for U.S. Residents : BitPay
  • Best No-Fee Card : Nuri
  • Fees: 2.49% cryptocurrency liquidation fee
  • No. of Crypto Supported: 9
  • Rewards: 4% back

Why We Chose It

Coinbase can be our number one recommendation for an Bitcoin debit card. It is available everywhere Visa accepts credit cards, and supports as many as nine currencies and has a robust security.


  • Can be used wherever Visa is accepted.
  • Pay with several cryptocurrency wallets
  • Multiple security features


  • A Coinbase account is needed

        Established in 2012. Coinbase has become one of the most well-known digital currency exchanges around across the globe. 1 Its Coinbase Card allows cardholders to spend their bitcoin wherever Visa accepts. Its support for a variety of currencies, the ability to convert currency and security that is top of the line is the reason we selected the best bitcoin debit card in general.

Coinbase Card accepts up to nine cryptocurrency that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin Cardholders are required to have an active Coinbase account. The card converts automatically to the cryptocurrency you prefer to use in your Coinbase wallet upon demand, meaning you don’t have to maintain an account with a account with a fiat currency amount in the account.

Coinbase Card also offers a range of convenience and security features, such as an app for mobile wallets with two-factor authentication, an instant freeze of your card, monitoring of spending, and much more. Cardholders are able to use their credit card to make online or in-store purchases, and cash out at any Visa-compliant ATM anywhere in the world.

People in the U.K. and Europe must pay PS4.95 (or 4.95 EUR issuance fee for an Coinbase Card, whereas U.S. residents can get the card at no cost. Coinbase has a variety of charges, such as the 2.49 per cent liquidation fee for cryptocurrency.
  • Fees: No annual fee
  • No. of Crypto Supported: 90
  • Rewards: Up to 8% cashback

Why We Chose It

If you’re in search of an account that can support an array of cryptocurrency and fiat currencies, then a credit account from is an excellent choice. It is compatible with over 20 cryptocurrencies, as well as 90 fiat currencies.


  • Supports more than 90 cryptocurrencies
  • There are no monthly or issuance costs
  • Discounts on services streaming


  • You must buy’s CRO tokens
  • Card with more perks need greater stakes provides 7 different types of metallic Visa debit card options that allow cardholders to spend more than 90 cryptocurrency and more than 20 fiat currencies anyplace the Visa card can be used, which is why we selected it as the top choice for the variety of cryptocurrency-supported.

To buy one or all of these cards, users must bet CRO tokens, which are the native currency of the company ( formerly MCO). As of the date at the time of writing CRO tokens, the cost of a CRO token is priced at $0.17. Prices vary with each card, and begin at $0 and rise to $400,000.’s most well-known (and inexpensive) price of $400 Ruby Steel card offers 2 percent back on each purchase as well as a 100% refund on a year-long Spotify subscription and there are no ATM withdrawal charges for the month of up to $400.’s other cards provide up to 88% cash back, rebates on additional streaming services, as well as no ATM withdrawal charges.

Cardholders who aren’t looking to shell out $400 for an Visa card can select Crypto. com’s Midnight Blue card, which gives 1% back , and there are no ATM fees as much as $200 in monthly withdrawals.

  • Fees: 1% fee to fund accounts
  • No. of Crypto Supported: 25
  • Rewards: Up to 2% cashback

Why We Chose It

Wirex offers a variety of benefits for cardholders. They include cashback of 2 percent or more, complimentary ATM withdrawals, as well as the opportunity to earn an interest rate on the fiat, BTC, and ETH currencies.


  • Cashback and referral bonus
  • Supports 25 cryptocurrencies
  • No monthly or issue costs


  • It is necessary to have a balance in Wirex WXT tokens to earn reward points

        Wirex is a digital payments platform launched in 2014 that launched an e-wallet with Visa backing just one year after. 2 The card is a reward in WXT. It is our pick as the top choice for cardholders benefits.

The Wirex card can be used with 25 crypto-currencies and more than twelve fiat currencies in Europe as well as a handful of Asian and Pacific countries and the U.S. Cardholders are not charged monthly, issuance or withdrawal charges and pay only one percent fee for cryptocurrencies used to fund accounts.

Wirex card Wirex card is among the few cards that can give cashback as high as 2.2% in cryptocurrency. Standard delivery is provided for free with no charges for maintenance or renewal cards. Wirex Visa offers free ATM withdrawals of up to $300 per month.

As opposed to other cards for cryptocurrency with benefits, Wirex does not require the use of a minimum balance in order in order to receive rewards. Wirex offers a brand new feature called X Accounts, which lets users receive up to percent interest on their fiat, as well as up to 10 percent rate of interest for BTC as well as ETH.

  • Fees: $0 annual fee, $0 foreign transaction fee
  • No. of Crypto Supported: 1
  • Rewards: 1.5% cashback, 3.5% cashback in the first 90 days

Why We Chose It

BlockFi is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an Bitcoin credit card with a large cashback. The card offers 1.5 percent cashback and 3.5 percent cashback during the first three months.


  • 1.5 Cashback
  • 3.5 percent cashback during the initial three months


  • Only Bitcoin is supported by Bitcoin

        The company that manages wealth in cryptocurrencies BlockFi introduced its initial Visa Bitcoin credit card in July 2021. Instead of drawing from the account holders’ Bitcoin accounts The card provides 1.5 percent cashback for purchases in Bitcoin and comes with additional Bitcoin rewards. This makes it our top choice for most effective cashback card.

BlockFi’s credit card comes with a limit just like every other credit card. It is able to be used for purchases everywhere Visa accepts. It also gives 1.5 percent cashback for every transaction, which is converted to Bitcoin and then deposited in the account of the cardholder’s BlockFi account. The bonus increase to 3.5 percent for during the initial three months ownership of the card with a maximum limit of $100.

BlockFi also gives a number of other great bonuses, which include 0.25 percent back in Bitcoin for trades that qualify (up to $500 per every month) as well as $30 Bitcoin for each client who refers a friend.


Why We Chose It

This Nexo MasterCard physical crypto credit card permits users to make crypto loans as high as $2 million USD in crypto-related assets.


  • Earn cashback rewards of 2%
  • There aren’t any monthly or annual charges,
  • no application fees.
  • Nearly Accepted all over the world


  • You can only purchase and access the Nexo card through the Nexo Wallet application.

       You can secure or insure the loan using the cryptocurrency you currently holding in your wallet. That means you are able to only borrow money which is worth less than that of your your crypto holdings. It is best to avoid selling the crypto, and then removing your position. It is supported by around 20 different cryptocurrencies at present.

Nexo debit card Nexo debit card protects your digital assets by using security of military-grade 256-bit encryption. It also has 24/7 fraud monitoring to ensure the security of your money and transactions. You can manage and order your Nexo card with the ease using the Nexo Wallet application which provides you with worldwide accessibility to the credit card.

Utilize the Nexo app to make free virtual cards to make secure online purchases, keep track of your transactions in real-time, and freeze and then unfreeze your debit account and receive alerts about all transactions.

  • Fees: 3% foreign transaction fee, $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee
  • No. of Crypto Supported: 6
  • Rewards: None

Why We Chose It

BitPay can be considered our number one choice for those who love cryptocurrency and live within the U.S. It is free of charges for exchange in the U.S. and can be used wherever MasterCard accepts credit cards.


  • All 50 states are covered.
  • Use anywhere around the globe.
  • There are no conversion costs in the U.S.


  • Driver’s licence required to be able to apply
  • Card cannot be shipped to an P.O. Box

Although many Bitcoin debit cards available only in Europe, Bitcoin payments processor BitPay introduced an U.S.-only debit card on the year 2016. With support for the major currencies, no exchange charges for U.S. dollars, no exchange fees in U.S., and a huge maximum balance for the account we’ve chosen it as the most suitable for U.S. residents.

The BitPay card can be used to support six major cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to eight fiat currencies. The card is able to be used anyplace MasterCard prepaid credit card is accepted. It can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs that support MasterCard. BitPay accepts Apple Pay and added a new virtual card for those who do not require physical cards.

BitPay does not charge transaction fees for purchases made in the U.S. but does charge the cardholders travelling across the globe to cover the costs of the currency exchange. Additionally, there is an additional $2.50 charge to withdraw cash from ATMs. In addition, Bitpay charges no conversion charge for loading the card, but network and miner fees could apply.

The BitPay card comes with higher transaction and limit on balances than other cards that accept cryptocurrency that allow cardholders to use or load up to $10,000 in a day, and make three $2,000 ATM withdrawals per day and maintain a amount of $25,000.

BitPay cannot ship cards to an address other than a P.O. Box. Applicants are required to show a driver’s licence as well as a social Security number.

  • Fees: Up to a 0.9% transaction fee for transactions and ATM withdrawals
  • No. of Crypto Supported: 30
  • Rewards: 8% cashback

Why We Chose It

The Binance card is our top choice for a cash-back Bitcoin debit card. It comes with an impressive cashback of 8 %.


  • Cashback of 8% is available.
  • There are no monthly or issuance charges
  • Convert cryptocurrency upon demand


  • Only available only in Europe
  • The Binance cryptocurrency must be in balance to earn cashback reward

In 2017, the company was founded. In 2017, Binance has grown to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world within a year. 5 6 In 2020, the company joined forces with Swipe to provide the Visa debit card that gives cashback of 8%, making it our top choice for the top cashback option. 7

It is worth noting that the Binance Visa Card charges no issuance or monthly fees . It only charges 0.9% in 0.9 percent transaction fee on transactions as well as ATM withdrawals. Be aware that ATM operators might charge an additional cost. The card can support 30 different cryptocurrency which include Bitcoin as well as Ethereum.

Like Coinbase Similar to Coinbase, like Coinbase, Binance Visa Card holds cryptocurrency in your wallet, and only converts it when you the purchase. The card is able to be used to make in-store or online purchases wherever Visa accepts Visa.

The Binance Visa Cashback Card’s rates are among the highest rate we’ve seen however, there’s an additional restriction. Cardholders must maintain the balance of 600 Binance Coins which is also known as BNB and earn the cashback in BNB. At the time of writing, September 20, 2021 the cost of a BNB cost $362.95 which brings an investment of 600 BNB to $217.770.


          We examined over 12 Bitcoin debit cards to create this review. The first thing we looked at was to locate cards that were simple to use and made an effortless transition from conversion of cryptocurrency to purchase or withdrawal.

Security was also an important factor so we made sure to pick cards that provide the same degree of security that traditional credit and debit cards, as well as fast methods of freezing or cancelling the card. While cost wasn’t the primary element, we did select several cards with minimal or no charges, as well as ones which offered cashback or other benefits.

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